PSR Principles Training - DPR886
For realistic ATC primary radar training Intersoft Electronics introduces an S-Band Tx/Rx didactical setup for basic training amended with software tools to investigate detailed problems like clutter and Doppler. The DPR886 consists of an S-band antenna (placed outside), a Transmitter /Receiver unit and PC for control and analysis. The transmitter can send very short pulses through the antenna into the environment and the receiver will monitor static (buildings, trees...) and moving objects (cars, person...) which pass the antenna beam. The moving cars simulate the ATC to study the I/Q, MTI and Doppler effects. The signals are digitized, processed and recorded using a DSP, data is visualised in the DPR886 software. Training Items include;
  • Antenna measurements, gain, beam-pointing
  • Reflection measurements, recordings and analysis
  • Vector measurements I/Q
  • Moving Target Indicator
  • Clutter processing
  • Doppler Filters
  • Pulse Compression
  • Target Detection
  • Labview modules for analysis of didactical recording and real ATC radar date
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