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Our product range is known as RASS - Radar Analysis and Support System. Whether you have a ‘legacy’ system or a Mode-S or 3D radar system, the RASS tools will suit your analysis requirements. Beyond radar, RASS can also be used to evaluate ADS-B and Multilateration Systems.

RASS is a suite of state-of-the-art analysis tools that assist ANSPs, Defence Agencies or Maintenance Repair Organisations to evaluate the performance state of a surveillance system against manufacturer’s specifications, contracted performance requirements or international regulatory requirements for safe air traffic management (e.g. ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organisation). RASS is a recognised evaluation tool used to analyse radar performance and is currently in use worldwide by leading industry organisations to verify radar performance against mandated standards (i.e. EUROCONTROL, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation - NATO, United States Air Force - USAF and Federal Aviation Administration – FAA).

Using the RASS equipment, the engineer or maintenance technician can evaluate the radar system in a top-down approach in a scientific and repeatable manner from signals in space to the data arriving at the ATC centre. Importantly, the tools are designed to deliver additional benefits, beyond the technical advantages, to the operational side of the business. These advantages include reduction in outages during fault isolation and can be used to significantly reduce costs associated with annual flight testing. Thus commercial benefits are also derived.

Our product range comprises 3 main product lines together with offered services:

RASS-S, Radar Analysis Support Systems for Sites
The Radar Interface Module, Radar Field Analyser or the Radar Target Generator (on RF level) are driven by a set of highly performant software tools. The Radar Environment Simulator or RES can create a very realistic and repeatable environment for the radar, so avoiding very expensive testflights and providing an alternative for a lack of opportunity traffic. These systems will prove to be invaluable instruments for factory and site acceptance of radars and ADS-B systems. They help to carry out a thorough periodic check-up and are an investigation tool for every radar engineer, resulting in an increase of the radar’s efficiency and lifetime, at limited cost.
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RASS-R, Radar Analysis Support Systems Real time tools
RASS-R runs as daily monitoring and real time quality control.It can be installed at the radar station or in ATC centres, where it can input data for recording and replay purposes, display it on Intersoft’s Multi Radar Display (all kinds of radar data, video and weather) and perform statistical analysis (Radar Comparator software). The RASS-R can also be configured as a completely scalable and operational RMCDE solution. Both RASS-S and RASS-R are radar manufacturer independent products which make them a perfect reference for objective analysis purposes.
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Radar Upgrades
Our hardware and software can provide an upgrade of an old radar system: new technology and techniques are used to build a new extractor with tracker/combiner for PSR and SSR (for example on a Thomson TA-10, a Precision Approach Radar PAR-80, S743D, TPQ36). Together with RASS-S and RASS-R, our Radar Upgrades can extend the operational cycle of the radar.
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Organisations can achieve significant technical and commercial benefits in the utilisation of the services on offer. The services we provide to our clients include:
  • Training and Support of all RASS products,
  • Radar Sensor Performance Evaluations, and
  • Specialised Consultancy including
    • Complex Fault Finding
    • On-site mentoring
    • Independent Verification and Validation for all Acceptance Testing phases
    • Radar Optimisation,
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The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.3.0 and

RASS-R v.3.8.3 are available
on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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