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  • Links to the EUROCONTROL User group for RASS-S/SASS-S tools:
  • EUROCONTROL SASS-S User Group - Sensor/Site Tool - SUG-ST 

  • Reference works EUROCONTROL pointing to RASS-S equipment:
  • EUROCONTROL Standard for Radar Surveillance in En-Route Airspace and Major Terminal Areas 

  • Procedures for using RES and RASS-S, PTE:
  • Functional specification for the European Mode-S Ground Station 

  • Reference standards for radar analysis and procedures for site testing using RASS-S:
  • Radar Sensor Performance Analysis 

  • The structure of the CASCADE project and the place of the Intersoft Electronics products (RES for ADS-B) in this:
  • Usage of RES in testing ADS-B 


    World ATM Congress 2017

    MARCH 7- 9 | Madrid

    Stand 967


    The latest software releases
    of RASS-S v.7.2.2 and

    RASS-R v.3.7.1 are available
    on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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