PAR80 Upgrade
The PDU830 PAR Display Upgrade is designed to overcome the drawbacks of a PAR80 Precision Approach Radar (I.T.T. Gilfillan). The degradation of visibility on the old CRT displays makes it difficult to see the targets through clutter, while a lot of components become obsolete and the maintenance increases.

The PDU830 replaces the displays and video processor and controls the PAR80 via software that uses adaptive clutter maps which improve visibility. It has different color regions in the elevation screen marking the glide slope within a tolerance. Moreover, the target in the azimuth screen is colored according to its height.

Further on, the PDU830 has the full capability for recording and replay, both for training purposes as well as for legal recordings. From 2008 till 2011, 31 PDU830’s will be installed at different German military airports by Selex Gematronik.


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