Mode 5 Target Simulator extension
The last few years IFF radar has evolved to implement Mode 5 throughout the military airspace. Since our RES28x (Radar Environment Simulator) was built to simulate SSR or IFF targets and could already generate Mode 1, 2, 3A, C, 4 and S, it was a logical evolution to build a Mode 5 target generator using the RES28x. Mode 5 is only allowed to be used by NATO countries at this point. Therefore, we could not include this mode of generation in the standard COTS product. We solved this by creating the RSE760 product, RES Extension box, which in fact can decode Mode 5 interrogations and create Mode 5 replies. Although the original development was done in cooperation with EADS, the RSE760 extension is now available for manufacturers or military customers within the NATO alliance.

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