Automatic Test Platform for SSR
During 2008-2009, Intersoft Electronics has built in cooperation with EADS an automated test system to test the EADS MSSR2000I secondary Mode-S radar. This system was built based on the RES28x (Radar Environment Simulator) and allows the creation to use batches of test scenarios, which can be played in sequence and allow the radar to be tested against all customer performance tests. The system not only generates the test scenarios but also controls the radar using ASTERIX CAT 253 control commands, records the results of the scenarios (ASTERIX CAT34/48 ) and analyses these results automatically.

This ATP is still evolving and recently a test bench for transmitter evaluation was added to test the post-production MSSR2000 radars prior to shipping to customers.

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The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.3.0 and

RASS-R v.3.8.3 are available
on FTP for customers with a maintenance contract

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