ADS-B Receiver
ADS-B might be a key element of future air traffic management systems. ADS-B equipped aircraft broadcast their GNSS-position once per second. The information received by ADS-B stations, includes the aircraft's identification, MSL-altitude, longitude and latitude, speed, Mode-S address and other useful information. ADS-B data is received by dedicated ground receivers.

On the one hand, ADS-B data can be used for ATC purposes. On the other hand, Intersoft Electronics uses ADS-B data as valuable data source in several Radar Alignment and Accuracy tools!

Because ADS-B is widely available in air space, its accuracy is steadily improving and it can be received and extracted very easily; Intersoft Electronics started to pay special attention to evaluation techniques of radars (PSR/SSR/Mode-S) versus ADS-B data!

More info: ADS-B Brochure


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The latest software releases
of RASS-S v.7.3.0 and

RASS-R v.3.8.3 are available
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